My husband often says that maybe black people need just to stop making everything about race and maybe it would all go away.
White Privilege As Seen By Someone Who Isn’t White
Michelle Matthews

Wow…Your husband “often” says this?? I’m a little shocked that a relationship could exist with such a lack of respect for the other’s feelings or culture. Despite what people may say or think, love does NOT overcome everything. I don’t know your history, but for me, I couldn’t be a part of an interracial relationship where my partner was so clueless that he/she discounted my experiences and feelings as a Black person by being so callous as to tell me that I need to stop talking about an ongoing systemic dynamic that was created and perpetrated by white people. The concept of race was white people’s social construct. Not Black people. To be honest, I’m not sure how you, as a Black woman, who’s clearly had to deal with systemic racism, could walk away from that with silence.

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