Send an animated LOL today using React.js

Never used React? Barely know JavaScript? No problem!

Aug 14 · 1 min read
This is super easy to create in React using a library called framer-motion (API documentation here)

Want to make your own 🤣?

Click “Open in Editor” above 🔼 then click then “Fork” at the top-right.

How the animated LOL renders on my computer in Mozilla Firefox
Chrome doesn’t support the ROFL emoji so all we made was a picture frame that poos, sorry 💩

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Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

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😁 Full-Stack Web Developer 😎 Mobile App Developer 😀 React.js Software Engineer 🆒 React Native, React Hooks, Jest 🤓 Based in Richmond, VA😊@derek_develops😄

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