I‘d like to talk a bit about Henry Rodriguez.

I was a huge Montreal Expos fan as a kid, and Henry Rodriguez was my favourite of them all. He had a cool moustache and his nickname came from the Oh Henry! chocolate bar, which is about all you can ask for in a personal hero when you’re 8 years…

A Jeopardy! clue, a commercial ripped from and old VHS tape, and a Canadian music legend

A podcast, a video, and an album, each worth your while

The internet could always use a little more positivity. So to that end, here are three things, either that I have just discovered or recently revisited, that I think are rad. And I hope you do too.

All Fantasy Everything, episode 51

It has recently occurred to me that my…

Still from walter hill’s “The Driver” (1978)/20th Century Fox

An outsider’s perspective on the chief appreciators of overlooked genre films.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks or so, a small section of the movie criticism blogosphere has been discussing vulgar auteurism, an unofficial banner under which a group of young writers turn an attentive eye to (mostly) critically-overlooked genre movies. Curiously, the loose-knit VA group has been…


The strange case of a short-lived MTV cartoon and its incredibly long half-life in Canada.

On August 12, 2001, MTV aired “Screw Week,” the season finale of their new animated TV series Undergrads. It wasn’t the series’ best episode, nor was it the funniest, but its ending did make up for it by being uncharacteristically caustic. The last words of the season are essentially a…

Derek Godin

Freelance writer, @dthlofficial co-editor, podcaster, hoser aesthete, dad rocker, film buff. Contact: godinderek[at]gmail[dot]com (Icon by @maddigzlz)

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