At the end of the third week of the Barclays Premier League, Chelsea has already proven itself to be the top team in England, if not the best team in the world. How? Through the club’s shrewd business during the 2014 summer transfer window (see link for complete list). This blog will discuss whether the money spent on major transfers was well-spent or not.

Some of the big names leaving the club include: David Luiz, Romelu Lukaku, Samuel Eto’o, Ashley Cole, Fernando Torres and, of course, the legend Frank Lampard.

First up: David Luiz. While the defender performed well (at least in the beginning) in the World Cup, he is a luxury Chelsea doesn’t need, especially considering the already impregnable back-line. Letting the unneeded Brazilian go to PSG for a heavily inflated £50 million sounds almost too good.

Watch Belgian big man Romelu Lukaku shrug off defenses like they aren’t even there (

While Lukaku was signed in hopes of eventually replacing aging striker Didier Drogba, Everton’s £28 million offer for the 21-year-old was just too good an offer. However, I believe this is a mistake on Chelsea’s part as the club needs to keep its young talent.

Eto’o has signed a contract with Everton and will be joining Lukaku at Goodison Park.

Next: Samuel Eto’o. Chelsea did not renegotiate a new contract with the 33-year-old Cameroon international as he is already past his prime. Eto’o would play no great part in Chelsea’s future team. Nevertheless, I believe that Chelsea should have perhaps signed a one-year or maybe even a two year extension with Eto’o because 1. he scored his fair share of goals last season and 2. he could provide guidance and advice for the younger players.

Ashley Cole = A Must Get Rid Of!!

While he was once revered as the best left-back in the world, Cole has since fallen out of the ranks. He lost his starting position to César Azpilicueta, and the club has signed Filipe Luis as his replacement. Cole joining Roma would be the best for both parties as he is no longer needed and he would be able to get some playing time.

Fernando Torres finaaaally gets his loan move that everybody has been harping about. Torres joined Chelsea for a record fee of £50 million from Liverpool. Since then, Torres has failed to live up to his expectations. I believe it’s the right decision to for him to go to A.C. Milan as he can get playing time there and possibly, get some of his confidence back.
Lampard signed with NYC FC and will be loaned to Manchester City for the next season. However, his contract stipulates that he cannot be played against Chelsea. Now that’s loyalty.

Chelsea top-scorer legend Frank Lampard has left the club. Though Lampard wanted to stay with the club, Chelsea didn’t have quite the same perspective.

I feel Chelsea has made a grave mistake. The club should have kept Lampard, one of its greatest icons ever, and let him finish his esteemed career at Stamford Bridge.

However, by trading all of these players, Chelsea was able to create the funds necessary to bring in new players such as Diego Costa, Filipe Luis, and Cesc Fabregas. The club also resigned legend Didier Drogba after his one-year spell at Galatasaray in Turkey.

The Spanish striker who made a name for himself at Atletico Madrid joined Chelsea for a high fee of £32 million. He has already netted 4 goals in just 3 appearances for the English club. Costa fulfills the striker position whereas Torres, Ba, and Eto’o have all struggled. Judging by the way things are headed now, Costa promises a very successful future for the club.

Filipe Luis for me represents a wasted signing. Costing around £16 million, Luis will spend most of his time on the bench as a subtitute as Branislav Ivanovic and César Azpilicueta have both proved themselves to be capable and reliant defenders. For me, Chelsea should have invested in another striker to either join Costa up top or play in his stead if injuries/fatigue come into play later in the season.

Cesc Fabregas fills in any remaining gaps, if any, in the midfield. A strong leader, Fabregas brings his creativity and experience to the team. Also, just watching his near impossible passes is just exhilarating. His contributions to the team definitely is worth his hefty fee of £28 million.

Last but not least: Didier Drogba.

An unexpected move from Chelsea, this transfer will either prove to be disastrous or genius. At age 36, Drogba will not play for much longer. However, he can lend his experience to the youngsters. There is also a psychological effect when playing with/against Drogba. Whenever Drogba steps onto the pitch, his teammates are immediately energized. On the other side, the opposing team is shaken up just by seeing Drogba’s name on the squad list.

Watch Drogba come up clutch near the end of regulation time in the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final here.

Only time can tell whether these transfers will pay off, but looking at the way things are going right now, nobody can stand in Chelsea’s way.

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