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let me see if i can wrap some understanding around this…

  1. Why is this incident of such personal matters to him? his words are personal notes not advanced factors that sets him OUTSIDE THE SITUATION. why does he have his feeling wrapped up into this incident? i heard a guilty dog barks but i didnt know they could bark that loud. by that, if it came forth that they were kin- the sheriff and the man that did the shooting, it would not surprise me why he had his “feeling” on record and not a valid excuse as to why they ruled the way they did.
  2. 2. i have been cut off in traffic, yelled at and etc. even when it was the other’s fault, however, that is not an excuse to chase someone down get out of your car and shoot them dead. especially over “words”.
  3. What in the World does black on black crime have to do with this entire incident? So you mean to tell me, that this man got shot and killed in Jefferson Parish, because a black AFrican in Nigeria shot his neighbor; another black man to death for stopping the sexual assault of his 4 year young daughter (Just and example, okay people) as to why this white man shot this black man? So you mean to tell me that a white man is justified for shooting a black man in a road rage incident because there were two drunk black men at a Blues Tavern in Dallas that got into a fight over a drunk woman? so yall are saying, that this man had a right to chase down and kill this gentlemen in traffic because he got cut off in traffic, all behind two crack heads in Atlanta, GA arguing over the last nickle hit of rock… LOL! Foolishness. A wise man once said nothing.
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