Mechanism Description

An assignment for Technical Writing at BYU in which I must describe an object in as much detail as possible without directly revealing what it is. The object I describe is the bow of a double bass.

In my hands, I hold a key. Not the physical key we use to unlock buildings and cars, but a key to the soul. It is a key that can unlock emotions that people have never felt. This object is comprised of elements of the earth — the wood a majestic Brazilian tree, the metal of the Earth, the rubber of a delicate rubber tree, and the fair locks of a beautiful equine creature. We will observe this object from the left side, with the wood on the top part, the hair on bottom, and the metallic base on the right end with the rubber close by.

The Wood
 The wood is the foundation of the object. It provides the structure. Long and slim, the wood provides this object with an aerodynamic shape, allowing the user to mobilize it forwards and backwards easily and gracefully. The wooden component is roughly arms-length long, and only a handful of centimeters wide. If one were to look at the object from the side, they would notice the wood curves slightly downward in the middle. The tip of the wood comes to a point, like the bow of a ship. The near end of the wood slides into the metallic base of the object.

The Metal
The metal, located at the base of the wood, provides the weight of the object. Near where the user grasps it, it provides the user with balance, so that they can powerfully wield the object when holding it only from one end. Near the metallic base is the rubber grip, by which the user of the object will operate it.

The Rubber
When one wields this object, they grasp it by the rubber. The rubber, soft yet durable, provides a comforting grip to the user. The rubber grip is primarily located on the wooden spine, but slides a bit onto the metallic base, signaling the prime center of weight for the object. It allows the user to hold the object gently in the hand and to utilize it for hours at a time. For the user to complete the task at hand, they often must mobilize the object vigorously without stop, only pausing to let others have their turn in the musical game.

The Hair
Ah, this is where the magic of the object comes alive. In preparation to put this object to use, one lightly coats the hair in a sticky variation of tree sap. Coming in white, black or even a peppering mix of the two, the hair is attached to the tip of the wood and the metallic base, bridging the two ends. The hair is composed of roughly 50 thick strands, laid out as flatly as possible to provide the most surface area on the bottom end. The sap-covered hair is then applied to a metallic string, tugging at it so that the string gets caught in the sap. Once released from the sap due to tension, it gets caught in it again and again, causing the string to enter a vibrating pattern. In the hands of an experienced expert, it brings out the beautiful melody of the symphonies composed by some of the most brilliant and inspirational minds.

With all the components brought together, this object that I wield can bring ideas and inspiration to those who seek it. It can help being comfort to those in hard times. It is a key to unlocking the magic of music.