The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I agree wholeheartedly that there is more heart in a socialist than in any neo-con politician and their anarcho-corporatist cabal of plutocrats pulling the levers of capitalist consensus mindset that justifies the evil policies by which our planet is its sewer, and society’s scare resources are squandered for perpetuating the lie of infinite growth, together with the absurd doublethink of planned obsolescence of consumer goods, like cars and computers, that are disposed of at precisely ordained intervals in order to keep the machine running for one more cycle, one more day, one more minute of profit taking without regard for the depletion of the resources required to maintain the flow of consumerist imperatives within the insane process and its egomaniacal control of its manufactured consent. This is where we encounter problems in proposing any of the systemic political alternatives because regardless of the ones we choose as a solution politically or ideologically, all the known systems, or isms, socialism, capitalism, communism, liberalism…they all operate on that same flawed proposition that our resources are infinite. Socialism will have no easier a go of it when the oil reserves run dry, or when the fresh water lakes evaporate, and mankind is left as a victim of those systems he trusted to manage the inventory, or at least to devise new sources for driving the means of production when the news breaks that the oil is all gone and our complete reliance on it is the technicality we’re left dealing with when the people we were trusting to come up with a workable fallback shrug their shoulders and go “oops.” Did we expect any better from the powers that be whose policies will be governed by the same mindset by which they refer to us as useless eaters when the work ends and the unemployment reserves dry up. We are trusting them like the malleable pawns we became being seduced through the powerful opiate of the paychecks they supplied to keep us loyal to the system which enabled their power to become absolute. And even when we knew better we still engaged the doublethink of the orthodoxy which holds us in a trap that the most part we have lost the the mental capacity to conceive of as a trap. And so resistance is made unthinkable, literally, and so while nobody is in a position to states the obvious the orthodoxy becomes whatever the powers that be requires it to be, and the people, the constituents of a political system who are no longer served by it, become the free captives incapable of managing the cognitive dissonance of their collective predicament. And now they mindlessly concede all power for self determination over to the Beast…and in missing the last critical moment in which resistance had still been possible all hope for evolutionary and revolutionary change whimpers and dissolves.

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