Growth Requires Raking Away The Past

Derek Coppess
May 10 · 1 min read

I just finished dethatching my yard. When I am my best “me”, I dethatch regularly. It is one of my simple, internal measures of how I am doing in life. Did I dethatch recently? Every time I do it, there is an old fashioned sense of joy and pride in my work. That may sound strange — but it is what it is — a microcosm of my well being. Dethatching is defined as the removal of this thick layer of decaying plant material so air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer can reach the soil better.

Isn’t that also true with our mind, body, and our soul? How do we expect to efficiently receive constructive advice, personal development tools, and deepen our closest relationships if our soul is suffocating?

As a future minded person, I can get into trouble when I miss the dethatching step. If I don’t constantly slow down to remove the thick layer of decaying “stuff” in my life, how do I expect the good stuff to ever reach me?

After an hour of dethatching your actual lawn, you can typically also dethatch your soul, or at least have a solid gameplan.

2 birds, 1 stone.

Derek Coppess

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