Life is good, it also sucks sometimes.

I’m an optimist. Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes I have to try harder than Lebron James trying to hide his running away hairline. Every day isnt going to be the greatest day ever…but I for damn sure can find something great in every day. Life is mostly good…but occasionally it does suck. And that’s ok.

It sounds weird but looking back I think my anxiety and depression has taught me some valuable life lessons. I dont know if anyone else has ever thought that, but it’s just something I’ve been thinking about lately. With anxiety and depression you have your good days, your bad days, and your Cleveland Indians blowing a 3–1 lead in the world series days (horrible days). During the good days life just seems to flow and you don’t have to battle through much during the day. During your bad days, self doubt and negative thoughts come creeping in and attempt to sabotage who you really are. On those horrible days you find things like taking a shower and eating food to be a monumental win like the Cavs in the 2016 NBA finals.

The phrase “life is good” is so true and I believe it 100%. However it doesn’t always tell the whole story. Sometimes life sucks, and we are going to face challenges. That’s just a fact and is something we have to embrace. But through it all we have to hold on to hope that life always gets better and we are never alone through the sucky (pretend its a word) periods of our lives. We cannot give up hope because right now life may be tough, because you never know just how great the future may be. We are never alone and there are always professionals their to help if you need it.

My depression and anxiety has made me more mentally tough than what I envision Arnold Schwarzeneggers brain to be. Each and every one of us who has lived through the struggle is more strong than we can even imagine! We wake up fighting the same battles we faced the day before, handle our business and kick a** in life, and repeat. Not only do we do what other people do, but we do that while battling anxiety, depression, etc. How strong is that!?

Ive learned how to be more grateful, how to appreciate the little things, how to value relationships more, how to love a good workout, and how to endure and accept the occasional suck in life. Just because negative things happen, doesnt mean the world is a negative place. Life is good, and we can always find hope.

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