How to Find a House [without going insane]

There was a time when corporations played a minor part in our business affairs, but now they play the chief part, and most men are the servants of corporations. -WOODROW WILSON, “The Old Order Changeth,” The New Freedom

I’m sitting alone.

A barrage of clattering footsteps bounce and echo around me as the softness of wind hits my forehead as people rush by.

I’m feeling a bit nervous.

A mild tinge of paranoia moves through me; always a result of me feeling like I’m being judged by strange people in a strange place.

Do I fit in?

My body starts to twitch a little as the noise of the crowd fades in and out.

I notice a girl in the distance. She’s wearing puffy boots with little puffy balls attached to tiny strings. She’s swaying back and forth reacting to music heard only inside her mind. She stares intently at her phone.

I notice a tall guy leaning against the iron railing. I admire his height and imagine how nice it would be to look so cool in that type of long jacket. With one fluid motion his hand reaches inside of his custom blazer and he pulls out his phone. It lights up during this motion as it lands flawlessly inside his palm. His thumb begins to scroll rapidly over the screen.

As I look down into my own hand, I notice that I have subconsciously pulled out my phone and and started scrolling around. I have no idea what I’m looking for…but I know that I have a feeling in my gut that I’m missing out on something. Perhaps I’m missing an update, an email, a “like” or a “follow”. I’ve got to know. Right now.

And that is it. That is how they have accomplished the impossible. They have somehow tapped into our primal instinct of fitting in with a herd for the sole purpose of bypassing our human interaction with a device which feeds us a steady stream of targeted advertising. And boy is it effective.

Since the days of early humans, we’ve learned that our routines are blueprints of behaviors. These behaviors mostly modeled from observing and learning from other human beings. Our instincts tell us that “what is good for the majority, is probably good for me too” — and thereafter a pattern (or routine) is born.

Fast forward to present day and look at how top marketing firms tap into behavior modeling to get us to part with our money. Powerful indeed.

Ok, so what does this have to do with home search??

There’s no debating that we’re in a hot housing market in most metropolitan areas. Home buyers are scrambling to get a piece of the low inventory and facing stiff competition from each other.

Effective targeted advertising tells me that the way to get ahead of this competition is to search on the large home search sites. They are here to help me.

Just like the commercial, I hit the front page, fill in the search box and start searching. I keep searching for as long as it takes. I just know that my perfect home is buried somewhere in these pages and I am dedicated to finding this needle in the haystack because my family is depending on me.

As I search through page after page, listing after listing, my eye is catching bright text and colorful slogans asking me to apply for a mortgage, or check a rate calculator. OMG… it says here I can get a custom website with custom support and hundreds of FREE themes and a custom domain for only $2.99/month! Sweet!!!

Hmmm…wait, now what was I searching for again?

Are the corporations who designed these sites really acting in your best interests?

It appears that having home buyers search for properties, generating page views and advertising clicks for long periods of time is very profitable. Go figure.

In fact, a study released by IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), the leading global source of critical information and insight, and Facebook’s Audience Network found that by 2020 in-app native advertising revenue will generate almost two-thirds (63.2 percent) of mobile display advertising revenue and will amount to $53.4 billion.

Holy moly, that’s a lot of page views.

What if……

What if someone were to focus on the needs of the home buyer first, instead of pumping out beautiful pictures of infinity pools, tennis courts, marble bath tubs for the purpose of gaining more page views and ad clicks?

What if there was a team of dedicated professionals having a human connection with every buyer looking for a home, having a in-depth conversation with them over a phone call to gather the right information regarding their exact wants and needs.

This team would then send this information out anonymously to top real estate professionals to see what type of inventory was available to fit this particular buyer.

Sounds revolutionary and disrupting..

Dare we depart from the tried-and-true method of searching for a home online?

Click here and let me show you how: