Think Big.

The wind whipped through our hair as the bus rushed by…

It was a chilly morning — chilly even for Los Angeles.

“Daddy, who built this fence?” — he asked.

I always take time out of my schedule for our walks..

We walk to the market, the park, the elementary school.

Some of the greatest discoveries are during our walks.

It’s when I really get to know what he’s thinking..

If you have a young child at home as I do, you’re always wondering what’s going on in their mind…

“Am I being a good parent?”, or “Is he progressing along at the right pace?” — these are the things we contemplate as parents..

Today wasn’t a particular special day.. but he was especially “chatty” today for some reason..

“Who made the street?”, he continued..

“The city and the workers”, I replied.. not really knowing if that was completely accurate..

As he walked by a telephone pole and lightly brushed his knuckles along the wood…

“Who made this pole?”

“Probably the telephone company”, I answered..

I continued, “Why?? Do you want to make stuff like this when you’re older?”

“No”, he said defiantly..

“I wanna make the whole city”.

And there it was..

The glimpse into his ambition. Childhood ambition.

It flashed into my mind like a lighting bolt — that I used to think like he does..

I used to imagine conquering the world.

We all have this ambition as children..

The ambition that we can take on the world and win.

What changed?

What happened in our lives to make us believe that this is no longer possible?

Did we start listening to people who convinced us otherwise?

Did their negative attitudes and realistic expectations finally break us?

This year has proved to me one thing..

When you go ALL IN and dedicate yourself to greatness, great things start to happen..

Your inner child is still there within you..

The difference is, is that it no longer screams for attention after years of being silenced.

Always remember who you are…this is your greatest strength in the world.

Not only in real estate, but in…

Think Big. Always.

To Your Success,

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