Cart Share : Easy way for bloggers to get purchase links

I have been following Jonathan Morrison’s YouTube channel for a while now. He showcased pretty good products for various applications and attached the links to those products below his video, however, it can get cumbersome to add them individually.

As a consumer, we just want to click a single button and buy a product. So here, if Amazon allowed us to compile the products into one cart, and may be provide an overall discount for a configuration, rather than individual ones, it would for a smoother process.

Click. Buy.

There are many bloggers out there talking about various products as Morrison does. If the reader can directly add them to their cart, it would be faster and easier, which would result in a higher viewer to buyer ratio which is important in such blogs. Also, platforms like Amazon can have statistics on how each product has fared, so that the listing agent knows which aspect to focus to market and publicise the products.

Wish they start adding such a Cart Share feature.

Sample product video blog below

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