Sunny and Perfect.

This is a snap of my Pop rocking a mustache with his best buddy, Bob, at the end of a 21+ day backpack trip to the High Unitas mountains in Utah with their scout troop. He was a scoutmaster for over 50 years and helped more boys than I can count achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

At his memorial service, I had the honor to see so many former scouts in their uniforms, sitting in the chapel and listen to their stories of how much he meant to them.

Being up in those mountains was his happy place. Being outdoors made him so happy and amplified his sunny disposition. He sacrificed for years behind a desk as a CPA, crunching numbers on his adding machine. He never complained, he just worked hard every day to support us.

But that’s what Dad’s do.

When he passed, one of the first things we missed was the ambient noise of his clacking keys and sound of his adding machine tape spilling out on the floor.

Even his cat sat on his desk for days after he flew away, staring at the adding machine and wondering why her mysterious river of paper wasn’t flowing off the desk.

I hope that wherever he is in the universe that he’s with Bob, on a trail in the great outdoors, maybe with a radio playing his favorites from John Denver and The Eagles and, of course my buddy Chris Mann .

Enjoy the trail, Pop. You earned it. I hope it’s sunny and perfect, just like you.

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