Pancakes in Paris

Myself, our dog Lola, with Craig Carlson the owner and creator of Breakfast in America

This is my first time writing on Medium. I wanted to try something bigger, and perhaps more public, than a Facebook post and which I could perhaps share through social media such as Twitter and Instagram. We shall see.

In February 2014 I met she would become the love of my life, late in my life, and in September of that same year we moved in together to a big flat in the 5th arrondissement. We live in the university neighbourhood where restaurants and bars stay open late and the streets are alive till late in the night which fits us perfectly. We’re the type of people who arrive at a restaurant around 20:00 and end up closing the place many hours later. We are that couple and I am one very lucky man.

As we enjoy waking up late or, at least, starting our days late we were overjoyed to discover a real American diner, about a half block away from our flat, which serves breakfast all day. It’s called Breakfast in America and we eat there quite often, sometimes several times a week, and we love it. Sometime after we got back home from our honeymoon in New York City, in June 2016, we noticed signs in the restaurant about the owner’s new book Pancakes in Paris. We had seen this big guy working in the restaurant and we had always bet he was the owner. But we were never entirely sure. The photo on the book cover gave it all away. I immediately pre-ordered it from Amazon to arrive on my Kindle and iPad on the release day.

What a pleasure this book was! The story is wonderful, heartfelt and amazing. Not only are there many parallels in this story, with my experiences and adventures, but I can vouch for just about every fact of French life looked at though the eyes of an American. It’s the kind of book that feels like you’ve just sat down at a bar, for drinks, with a guy who honestly tells the story of his life with all the good and bad and just makes you want to hear more. I would recommend this book to EVERYONE.

Someday I hope to write of my dreams, adventures and life as an ex-American in Paris.

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