Abuse Wore a Bright Smile and Louboutins
Sam Rose

This may sound strange and I didn’t read the whole story. I did read the comments which seem to say, “something isn’t connecting properly here”. Because I believe the universe provides balance effortlessly, it APPEARS you might be victim of a universe balancing itself. It is balancing itself from this phenomenon: Dating people trying to hold their cards close while “vaguely hinting” that they aren’t interested BY GIVING THE ILLUSION that they are busy. I just experienced this from a woman with which I was about to go out on our first evening date. Something tipped me off to that she wasn’t really interested in dating me romantically and I started to ask her about it. She said, “oh, I didn’t realize you didn’t know”. “Who would have told me if not you?” And then I asked her when if she knew when we set up what sounded like our first actually romantic date due to me accommodating her “Old fashioned” desires for date pacing. To me, this implied that she knew for ENOUGH TIME to have realized how she felt AND enough time to have exhibited (what she thought to be) enough behavior that I MIGHT HAVE gotten the hint. The only behavior I noticed was that she was busy. Was she uncharacteristically busy? I don’t know, I didn’t think to ask. In any case, I think my point is that there is clearly wasted energy and unnecessary suffering caused by lack of clear and open communication. Apps and “perceived mind reading” aren’t a substitute for clear and open communication. Do that someone a favor that you aren’t really into. Set them free or love them. They seem to be leaving it up to you.

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