Verify GitHub Organization’s Domain on Namecheap

Derek Fong
Dec 31, 2018 · 2 min read

TL;DR This post outlines the steps to verify your GitHub organization’s domain on Namecheap (or other domain register company) i.e. to display a “Verified” badge on your GitHub organization profile.



  1. Navigate to your GitHub organization’s profile page<YOUR_ORG_NAME>
  2. Click Settings -> In the left sidebar, click Verified domains -> Click Add a domain.
  3. In the domain field, type the domain you’d like to verify, then click Add domain.
    For example, if your GitHub organization’s profile shows the website , then would be the domain you need to verify. However, if your GitHub organization’s profile shows the website and the e-mail address, then you would need to verify both and
  4. Note the DNS configuration and verification code for creating a DNS TXT record.
  5. Login to Namecheap
    a. Select Domain List
    b. Click Manage button next to your domain
    c. Navigate to the Advanced DNS tab and click on the Add New Record button
    d. Select TXT Record and insert the details shown on GitHub.

… And here’s the tricky part.

For example, if your GitHub organization’s name is “alpha” and the domain you are verifying is “”, GitHub would ask you to create a DNS TXT record for with a verification code (e.g. 12345abcde) provided.

When you create a DNS TXT record on Namecheap, you will need to provide the details in the following format:

Host: _github-challenge-<YOUR_GITHUB_ORG_NAME>
TTL: Automatic

i.e. In our example:

Host: _github-challenge-alpha // NOTE: NOT ``
Value: 12345abcde
TTL: Automatic

6. Click Save all Changes

(Please refer to the detailed steps here in case you got stuck. )

7. Wait for ~30 minutes for newly created host record(s) to take effect.

8. Go back to GitHub’s Verify domain page and click Verify domain.

That’s it! If everything’s setup correctly, a “Verified” badge will be displayed on your GitHub organization’s profile page.

Derek Fong

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Web Developer • Angular • React • NativeScript • GraphQL

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