Ever been offered $500 for a $5000 job?

Here’s the definitive reason why people think think they can underpay you. Keep reading to learn more.

So, you’re a freelancer. And you take great pleasure in doing great work for your clients. But the “good” clients are few and far between.

The reality is this: most people contact you and try to pay you $500 for a $5,000 job.


Of course, you hope you never work with someone like this. After all, if they don’t value you and your work, why should you even give them the time of day?

But sometimes you “come down a little” because, hey. You got bills to pay. Plus, who knows how long it’ll be till the next gig comes along?

Now what if I said you could eliminate these ridiculous requests?

What if I said you could clearly communicate the value you provide and the people who contact you would be HAPPY to pay for it?

What if, instead of getting offered $500 for a $5000 job… you got offered $10,000 for a $5,000 job?

Sounds like a pipe dream, right?

Well, check this out…

The #1 Reason Why People Think They Can Underpay You

I’m Derek Halpern, and I run Social Triggers, a top resource for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to start — and grow — their business. I’ve seen this issue time and time again…

…and I can tell you this:

The BIG reason why this happens is directly related to one little page on your website…


I’ll explain…

If you pull up you request a quote page, let me guess. It looks something like this, right?

And sure, maybe it doesn’t look exactly like this, but something similar, right?


What’s the PROBLEM here?

I’ll tell you…

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer for a second.

They need the service you provide. They see your contact page. And whether they have a good budget or not, they think, “Ah. It can’t hurt to email them, right?”

And that’s why people with very small budgets… people who will try and under pay you… contact you. “It can’t hurt to ask!”


You get frustrated by these unqualified customers. And that’s when you have the BRIGHT idea to put a “select your budget” drop down menu. Because you want to weed out these under paying clients.

But then the butterfly effect happens.

People with a sizable budget see this and they run for the hills. I mean, I’m the type of guy who spent $25,100 on a web design (I even wrote about it). If I see a “select your budget” drop down menu, I run for the hills because I feel as if the freelancer is trying to screw me.

It’s really bad.

So, what can you do?

And That’s Why You Need A Sales Page

People mistakenly think sales pages are for people who sell online courses.

And they are.

Sales pages work GREAT for online courses.

But, no matter what you sell online, a sales page is vital to make the sale.

And the world’s smartest companies use them.

Take a look:

Big companies use them…

Small businesses who sell online courses, coaching, consulting, and other services use them too:

And if you look around, you’ll see different types of businesses who use sales pages to persuade people to buy.

Personally, I’ve seen people use sales pages to sell anything from an e-book, to a speech, to a hand-made leather bag, to an online course, to a piece of software…

And a whole lot more.

So, I feel confident sharing this with you:

You NEED a sales page.

And if you’re the type of person who is sick and tired of people who think they can underpay you…

…you need a sales page now.

So, How Do You Make A Sales Page To Sell A Service? Or A Course? Or A Product?

I’m hosting a live webinar this Thursday. Yes, it’s 100% live. Not a “fake” live webinar, but a real one.

And the good news is that it’s 100% free.

It goes down on April 6th. There are two convenient times. One at 12pm Eastern. One at 8PM Eastern.

Reserve Your Spot On This Live Webinar

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What should you expect on this webinar?

* There are 5 building blocks to a Sales Page that Converts (I’ll show you all of them, including the exact order they should go in, and why).

* Ever get offered $500 for a $5000 job? It’s because your brand doesn’t communicate the value you provide and I’ll show you how to fix it.

* How do you open a sales page, the right way? I’ll show you how.

* And more.

Join me and I’ll walk you through how to create a sales page that converts, including the psychological hooks that persuade people to buy. Plus, I’ll show you the 5 building blocks of a sales page that converts, proving anyone can create one. Even if you’re not a writer.