Where do I begin?

In my cluttered inbox today, I finally received my invitation to write on Medium. Where the hell do I begin?

For the last year, I’ve been watching people I follow get their invites and start writing. I’ve been listening in on their conversations about the Medium platform.

“More reach,” they say. “More distribution.”

For someone trying to build a readership from scratch, is that really the case?

How do you build a following from nothing?

One person says, “Write about things you’re passionate about.” Others say, “The best posts are written when you least expect it.” As Nike says, “Just do it.”

But, what if you’re passionate about rocks? What if you’re a contrarian? What if you like to write about things that nobody else likes to read?

Like anything else in the world, I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Should you write about things you’re passionate about? Probably. Does that guarantee you’ll get a following without really trying? Probably not. You still have to try. After all, if you don’t get in the game, how can you win?

I’m setting out to answer those questions. I’m setting out to speak and gather a following. It might be a small one at first, but does it matter? Probably not. If I can get 1, I can get 10.

There’s a million things I can do to garner attention. Write one post per day. Make sure all my friends share it. Hit front page of Hacker News. I don’t know what I’ll do.

I do know one thing though — this is where I begin. This is where I’ll start. I’ll learn as I go along. I’ll try to be compelling.

And sometimes, as Daft Punk says, I’ll have to get lucky.

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