Money for free will always, 100% of the time, lead to abuse. Forever.
Deplorable Infidel🐸

“Money for free will always, 100% of the time, lead to abuse. Forever.”

Deplorable — That’s a ridiculous statement. Why do you hate the wealthy so much? What if I’m wealthy, and inherited a nest egg from my grandfather’s will. Say I have 10 million in the bank. I invest it, manage my stocks, and live off the dividends. But really, since I’m smart, I just put it in low-fee index funds. This is income totally disconnected from labor and work. But I can live off it for life, and be a quite respectable gentleman. Are you calling me abusive with a bad work ethic?

But you don’t mean the wealthy, do you? Usually when deplorables get angry about “the takers” who want money without working, they mean the poor. They are not worthy, they are lazy, they should get a job. Somehow, you always let the super wealthy who live off capital take a free pass on the work ethic hardline.

You should not let the wealthiest skate. They took the economic growth that the entire nation has worked for these past 30 years. They took control of gov’t and wrote themselves laws so that capital is taxed at 18% while work is taxed at 30% or more.

And when you look at the numbers, it’s the takers at the top that are making the middle class suffer. They’re the ones capturing all the the substantial increases we’ve had in per capita GDP. The takers at the bottom barely put a dent in our wallets. The great ruse the GOP plays on you is to make you think it’s the …cough…”urban”…cough, people to blame for the stagnation of the middle class. It’s not. Follow the money.

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