A year and a half ago, a group of students came together recognising the need to advance youth entrepreneurship — especially within the tertiary education environment. An eclectic mix of; student founders who wanted to meet others like them, founders-to-be who were just getting their foot in the door, and people who were simply just interested in the startup ecosystem.

Our goal was to see more students (and youth in general) involved in entrepreneurship and startups, whether it was as founders, employees or even just as supporters.

As young people / students ourselves, we knew the demand was there, we just needed to find the best way to provide value to match. …

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The iconic Android mascot at Googleplex

I remember being asked when I was planning on going to Silicon Valley. To which, I replied: “As soon as possible.”

That opportunity came much sooner than expected when I was accepted into ASES Summit 2017 at Stanford University, as one of 35 participants from around the world. Hosted by the Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship society, the Summit is a week-long program held at Stanford University that showcases speakers, workshops, company tours and a pitch competition.


Derek Lieu

Creating meaningful change through youth, technology, and startups.

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