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This past week, I was at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida for the 2015 NHL Draft. I met a staff member helping out with the Draft there and after chating for awhile I asked him if he would mind answering few questions in regards to Snapchat. After he accepted, I wasn’t prepared to give him the interview right then and there, but I got his email address and he was nice enough to respond to all of my questions via email earlier this evening.

His name is Michael Smith, he is 26, and in this interview he talks about his personal use with app, why he likes it, and why he thinks Snapchat has become so popular and will continue to stay that way.

Q: When and why did you decide to start using Snapchat?

A: I was actually kind of late on joining the Snapchat trend. I never felt like I would use it when the app started to become popular, but my friends would use it and they seemed to enjoy it. What actually made me start using it was this one night I met this woman who wanted to add me on Snapchat, after telling her I didn’t have one she questioned me why, and basically she ended up convincing me to download it. That was probably two and a half years ago, I’m still good friends with her today!

This isn’t uncommon, Snapchat is a more exciting way to text. So instead of the normal “Can I have your number?” It is becoming more common for people to ask “Can I add you on Snapchat?” In this Tech21 article, it discusses why Snapchat is more exciting then texting is, and argues that the app is the new way of instant communication.

Q: Do you use it on a daily basis? If so, what makes you use it regularly?

A: I do, it wasn’t always that way, but now I tend to check it on a regular basis. When I first got it, my only use for it was if I was having a conversation with someone with Snapchat which wasn’t all that often. But the longer I’ve had it, I started to gain more and more friends on the app, and now it has just become one of my main ways for communicating. The stories feature wasn’t always a thing either I remember, but once that started, that would get me to check more often as well. The stories features is actually probably my favorite thing about the app and is the main reason I check it regularly.

Michael isn’t in the minority here, actually, over 100 million people use Snapchat on a daily basis. With more people now than ever before owning a smartphone, it has allowed Snapchat popularity to grow to its max potential.

Q: Why do you think Snapchat has become so popular and do you think it will continue to be this popular for years to come?

A: Back when I didn’t have the app but my friends did they would always tell me that it’s a cool app because you can share photos with others but they don’t have to be seen by all of Facebook. It just a way to share a photo for 10 seconds. I kind of thought at the time that it was pointless and didn’t understand all the hype about it, but looking back I agree with them now. And a lot of other people do too considering the popularity it has gained. I actually do think Snapchat will continue to be this popular for years to come. The app is unique from other social media sites, and that’s why I think it will continue to gain and maintain popularity. Unless something better comes along that competes with Snapchat by being similar in some ways, I don’t see why Snapchat would die out anytime soon if ever to be honest.

Mathew Ingram in his article on argues that Snapchat is indeed here to stay. Stating that because people want to have the right to be forgotten this app will always maintain its popularity. The simple idea has really struck gold.

Special shout out to Michael Smith for taking to the time to answer the three questions thoroughly.

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