Russell Westbrook calls Riley Curry “not that cute” and “actually kind of annoying”

We get it Russell Westbrook.. you are a bitter asshole that your team has never locked up in the nba championship. Most likely it will never happen as long as the GSW and Spurs are better than you. I understand that you hate kids but do not take it out on his children. Your asshole comments show how much of a fucking retarded athlete you truly are. I guess sport figures can really be dicks in real life.

How was your game, asshole? Game 2, not too good. And you will lose this series because your teammate (durant) cant finish off game when you suck. BTW, enjoy losing more games without Durant when he defects for a better team.

I hope someone just takes you down the rest of the traveling, ball hogging mother fucker. Maybe a nice pick from Bogut or Green would be nice just to see your ass benched for the rest of the series. Hopefully your poor wife never decides to procreate with you since you would be a terrible parent. Enjoy losing, asshole.

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