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Are you a career switcher looking to get into the field of design?

Making that transition can feel daunting, especially if your background is in an entirely different field! If you’re unsure how your previous experience can be useful to you in your new role, take a look at these 10 transferable skills you can bring in from your previous field into the field of design!

Do you have any of these useful skills already?

This is a big one. Design is centered around being able to understand and empathize with the people you’re designing for. …

With everyone sitting at home (and optimistically social distancing) over the past few weeks and most likely in the next few as well due to the Coronavirus, I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook and Instagram about how bored everyone is. After destroying episodes and episodes of different Netflix shows myself, I’ve decided that because this is probably going to last a while, I might as well make the most of this time.

Ever since cities and towns locked down, and as a result, became barren, nearly everyone has felt the effects. Extroverts have had to dial it back…

I remember sitting on the sofa of my grandparents’ living room in their Brooklyn retirement home when I was younger. The sofa was one of those two-in-one rickety converting futons, draped in a drab, beige-colored sheet that was always littered with patches and an intricate red, flowery pattern. There was usually something playing on their black, boxy 22 inch TV — the news, the weather, or some infomercial advertising some new type of junk — but it was always something mundane enough that I didn’t care what was on.

My parents and I made the trip to that part of…

When I accepted my first job out of college, a software development position in the technology department of a large company in the heart of Boston’s financial district, I was ecstatic to start my career and my life in the “real world”. But after a few months of working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, I learned that just like any relationship, the honeymoon phase quickly comes and goes.

A student in a graduation gown with his back turned to the camera
A student in a graduation gown with his back turned to the camera
Photo by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash

Many students graduating from college that decide between jobs might make their decision based on a set of quantitative measures — salary, bonuses, Glassdoor rankings, and benefits. Of course, many people…

With technology progressing so quickly over the past century across a myriad of industries and the (over)abundance of knowledge at our disposal, a lot of people have found themselves amidst the dilemma of having to allocate their time and resources more efficiently than those in the past. One of these pressing choices is having to strategically choose between specializing their skills in a specific field or broadening their range of knowledge.

Generalists vs. Specialists: the Age-Old Question

To provide an analogy, within the field of ecology, different species fall under a continuum in regards to the environmental conditions they live in as well as their access…

Happy New Year to all my readers, my friends, and my family! I’m excited to start 2019 with so many people by my side. Whether you’re someone I know in real life or someone I’ve connected with online, I want to thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

Continuous Improvement

For those of you who know me in real life, you’ll know that one of my most important values is a concept called “Kaizen”.

I came across the term for the first time several years ago in a business seminar, where the lecturer explained how Toyota applied it…

We’ve been so focused on sharing our work and promoting the things we make that we lose sight of other important duties that accompany our roles as designers.

A few months ago, I came across an article in UX Collective about the state of content in the UX and product design space, focusing specifically on content creation and consumption.

The article was titled “Are we designers shamelessly good at self-promotion?

Since I’ve read that article, I’ve thought to myself about how designers are natural marketers and advocates of work, especially those focused more on visual design. Within the design community, we have a natural inclination to let our work speak for us, instead of having to justify what we make with our words.

As a result, we’ve been…

In today’s video game industry, many companies try to sell players in-game content. Whether it be a personalized skin that’s purely cosmetic or an add-on item that increases the strength of a player’s character, players are persistently being marketed the newest and greatest items.

After recently finishing Nir Eyal’s book, Hooked, I wanted to write an article that applies what I learned in his book to a real-life example to better understand how people get hooked on certain games. I had skimmed through several of Eyal’s articles on Medium before but never really had a good foundation of what his…

As part of my part-time ten-week User Experience Design course from General Assembly, I wanted to research and analyze a problem that I suspect many people encountered. For me, my area of interest was trying to come up with a solution to something I’ve personally dealt with in the past. I believe that many couples find themselves spending frivolously on items and outings without having a defined system to keep track of their joint expenses.

My goal was to come up with a solution to incentivize or penalize partners in relationships so that they can make the right financial decisions…

I recently came across an article by John Maeda about how writing — not coding — is design’s unicorn skill. That got me thinking about how writing plays a role in the life of developers.

In today’s data-driven, data-heavy world, there’s so much content to consume. We’re constantly bombarded by videos, pictures, advertisements, podcasts, and articles. Each of these media has a different type of appeal, and it always seems like there’s strong competition to try to attract and retain our attention.

A sampling of the different types of media channels available (image from Change Conversations).

With the proliferation of different media channels in the past several decades, there has been a less of…

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UX Designer @3PlayMedia. Master’s Student at Bentley University Studying Human Factors. Always improving and learning. www.derekmei.com

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