The American Left Must Face Reality

The word “Resist” has been used a lot by American liberals in the last few weeks and months. It’s a 21st century reboot of No Pasarán; a catchy slogan that appeals to leftists who like to LARP as anarchists in neckerchiefs singing the Internationale in 1930s Spain.

Who and what are they resisting against?

Why, their own countrymen and women of course. Much of the American left is resisting a democratic system it outwardly claims to cherish. They are “resisting” a person chosen to be president by the American people. Their immature refusal to accept Donald Trump’s election disrespects not only the American electorate, but the nation’s political system as well.

Many of us observe a widening ideological gulf in the United States. By now the chasm is not only impossible to bridge, it gets wider every year. The left was vicious when Bush was president; it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse. But with Trump it’s like the Reichstag is in ashes. And it’s like that every day.

The American left displays incredible naïveté on this front. The extreme left fringe of American politics – gender studies professors, rioters who shut down talks by academics, “anarchists” who smash up Starbucks windows, etc. – consider the average Trump voter especially racist – irredeemable even. So how do they propose to fix the inconvenient problem of this demographic’s existence?

Name-calling is their first port of call: “Racist”, “fascist”, “Nazi”, etc. But their goals beyond this are hazy at best. If the American right is indeed hopelessly bigoted then the American left needs to make peace with that reality and figure out the best way of organising the country. They need to be pragmatic and accept the fact that whatever the state has been doing immigration-wise isn’t working – either socially, politically or economically – for half the nation.

As things stand now, the left chooses the happiness and well-being of foreigners over Americans who think differently to them. This is a really big deal: the American left prioritises the wishes of Guatemalans, Syrians and Somalians (who want to immigrate to America) over the wishes of Americans who want some say over who gets to live in the country.

Obviously this doesn’t bode well for America’s political future. It makes American leftists, many of whom want to erase the borders and have a global free-for-all, look particularly bad.

So my question is this: if liberals can have so many seemingly insurmountable problems with Trump voters – fellow Americans who are broadly similar in terms of culture, ethnicity, religious background etc. – how can they believe increasing the country’s diversity will end in something better?

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