Council Schedule Highlights Week of July 10th, 2017

Monday, JULY 10th, 2017

10:00am Rules Committee

Douglas G. Richardson, Chair 
Rick Talbert, Vice Chair 
Dan Roach, Executive Pro Tempore

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There are two charter amendment proposals on the agenda. If approved by a supermajority of the Council (5 votes) the amendments would appear on the November ballot.

Proposal №2017–35, Charter Amendment — Filling Vacancies in Nonpartisan Offices An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Proposing Amendments to Section 4.70 of the Pierce County Charter, “Vacancies,” to Establish Procedures for Filling Vacancies in Nonpartisan Elective Offices; Requesting the Auditor to Submit these Amendments to the Voters at the November 2017 General Election; and Requesting the Prosecuting Attorney to Draft an Appropriate Ballot Title.

Sponsored by: Councilmember Douglas G. Richardson and Derek Young

This issue was brought up by the County Auditor, Julie Anderson, during the Charter Review Commission’s process. It turns out that we have a process, outlined by state law, that directs appointment for partisan office, but we don’t have one for nonpartisan office. Although it was felt that this was an issue worthy of decision by the voters, there was a concern over the number of issues piling up on last November’s crowded ballot.

This amendment would make clear that in case of a vacancy, the Council will also make the appointment for non-partisan offices. Only the Auditor, Assessor, Sheriff are affected unless voters also approve the amendment below adding the Prosecutor to that list.

Council contact persons: Susan Long, (253) 798–6068 and Jeff Cox, (253) 798–7579 Date of final Council hearing: July 18, 2017 9. Proposal №2017–36, Charter Amendment — Nonpartisan Prosecutor An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Proposing an Amendment to Section 4.10 of the Pierce County Charter, “Election Procedures,” to Make the Prosecuting Attorney a Nonpartisan Office; Requesting the Auditor to Submit this Amendment to the Voters at the November 2017 General Election; and Requesting the Prosecuting Attorney to Draft an Appropriate Ballot Title.

Sponsored by: Councilmember Douglas G. Richardson

This amendment would make the position of the Prosecutor non-partisan.

1:30pm Public Safety, Human Services, and Budget

Dan Roach, Chair 
Derek Young, Vice Chair 
Connie Ladenburg
Jim McCune
Pam Roach

This meeting will be broadcast live and replayed on channel 22 (Comcast and Click! Network) and on channel 20 (Rainier Connect) Electronic meeting material can be accessed at archives are available at

Point in Time Count of People Experiencing Homelessness
Presenter: Tess Colby, Housing, Community Development and Homeless Programs Manager

We’ve already received the results of the PIT count. This presentation should give greater detail to the findings.

Homeless Grant Update 
Presenter: Tess Colby, Housing, Community Development and Homeless Programs Manager

The County uses braided funding from the State and Federal governments to fund its housing programs. I’m not sure if this is about a specific one or a more generalized presentation on the strategy.

Puyallup River Homeless Camp Update Presenter: Tess Colby, Housing, Community Development and Homeless Programs Manager

Report on the action taken last year to remove encampments from properties owned by the County along the Puyallup River. I suspect we could also ask neighboring jurisdictions if they’ve seen a corresponding increase in sites in their areas.

Proposal №2017–29, Chronic Nuisance Properties An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Adopting a New Chapter 8.09 of the Pierce County Code “Chronic Nuisance Properties”; Creating an Enforcement Protocol for Chronic Nuisance Properties; Establishing Procedures for the Abatement Chronic Nuisance Properties; Creating Joint and Several Liability for Multiple Persons in Charge of a Nuisance Property; Clarifying Due Process Procedures Applicable to Abatement of Chronic Nuisance Properties; Requiring Persons in Charge of Chronic Nuisance Properties to Enter into Abatement Agreements Approved by the County to Abate Chronic Nuisances within 15 Days of the Issuance of the Chronic Nuisance Notice; Establishing a Graduated Penalty System Whereby a Person is Warned First, Cited with a Class 1 Civil Infraction Second, and Abated through a Superior Court Warrant Third; Incorporates the Victim Protection Limitation under RCW 59.18.580; Adds the Option of the County to Pursue Receivership as a Way to Facilitate Returning Chronic Nuisance Properties to Productive Use; and Adding the Option of Relocation Assistance.

Sponsored by: Councilmembers Dan Roach, Douglas G. Richardson, Jim McCune, and Derek Young

Another tool to combat chronic nuisance properties. We think this process should encourage greater compliance and speed up abatement. It also makes clear that frequent reports of criminal activity are actionable for the property owner.

Tuesday, JULY 11th, 2017

5:30pm County Council Meeting

Council meetings are audio recorded and cablecast from gavel to gavel. Meetings are broadcast live and replayed beginning the next day on channel 22 (Comcast and Click! Network) and on channel 20 (Rainier Connect). Video archives are available at Audio equipment is available for the hearing impaired. Please contact the receptionist for assistance.

This is the in-district meeting for District 5 and will be held at Parkland Spanaway Sheriff Precinct — Moran Room 495 Shandon Wright Way South (141st Street South and Pacific Avenue) Parkland, Washington.

District 5 includes the communities of Midland, North Clover Creek/Collins, Parkland, Spanaway, Summit View, Summit-Waller, Tacoma’s Eastside and South End.

In-district meetings typically includes presentations on issues important to those areas and an opportunity for the Council to hear from citizens.

County Planning and Public Works Code Enforcement Update
Presenter: Melanie Halsan, Planning and Public Works

As in other parts of the County, nuisance properties have been a serious problem in District 5. This presentation will be an update on recent progress.

Pierce County Property Crimes Unit Update
Presenter: Captain Gerald Lawrence, Pierce County Sheriff Department

The Property Crime Unit was already bearing fruit the last time we received an update from the Sheriff. It will be interesting to hear they’ve accomplished in a full year.

Wednesday, JULY 12th, 2017

9:30am Flood Control Zone District Board of Supervisors

Rick Talbert, Chair
Dan Roach, Vice-Chair
Connie Ladenburg
Jim McCune
Doug Richardson
Pam Roach
Derek Young

The FCZD is a special purpose district governed by a Board of Supervisors and an Executive Committee. They receive input and recommendations from an Advisory Committee. The Pierce County’s Department of Planning & Public Works carries out the district’s approved projects and programs.

Resolution №2017–2, a Resolution of the Pierce County Flood Control Zone District, Relating to Notice of Board and Executive Committee Meetings, and Adding a New Section to the District Operating Rules

Part of my ongoing effort to align the “outside” agencies governed by members of the Council with the open government requirements of the County.

3:00pm Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health Regular Meeting

Resolution №2017–4525 — The Board of Health recommends the 2018 beginning budget for Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department in the amount of $34,189,959 with 277.2 FTEs for submission to the legislative bodies of Pierce County and the City of Tacoma. 
Christopher Schuler, Business Manager

Because TPCHD is a joint city-county health agency, the budget must be submitted to our respective councils for approval. This is the start of that process.

Legislative Session –Process and 2017 Impacts
Nancy Sutton, Deputy Director

There was some minimal progress on local health department funding made this session. At the same time, the threat of shutdown continues to be a problem for operations with the need to prepare for temporary layoffs.

Fridcay, JULY 14th, 2017

11:30am Human Services Ad Hoc Committee

Connie Ladenburg, Chair
Rick Talbert, Vice Chair
Douglas G. Richardson, Member

After an extensive public process in 2016, involving the Pierce County Behavioral Health System Study conducted by Human Services Research Institute (HSRI), the Council created the Ad Hoc Human Services Committee to dedicated significant time and effort into determining the feasibility of some or all of the HRSI Study recommendations, within current available County resources.

Overview — Integration 2020 Mid-Adopter Binding Letter Outline Presenter: Steve O’Ban, Special Assistant on Behavior Health

By 2020 each County will full integrate behavioral and medical health for Medicaid. There is an option to adopt earlier than that in which case we gain the ability to terms for managing the new Medical Care Organization. The “binding letter” is the way for Pierce County to make that commitment.

Update — Behavioral Health Initiatives in the Supplemental Budget Presenter: Brian Hardtke, Director of Policy

I assume this is about implementation of the investments we made in the supplemental.

Look Ahead

The consent agenda, as currently drafted, schedules two additional charter amendments for Rules Committee on July 17th. One would equalize the term limits for partisan and non-partisan offices at three terms. Currently partisan positions are limited to two terms. The other would make the position of Executive non-partisan.

I will be opposing both. They’re both issues that the Charter Review Commission rejected just last year. The term limit issue was rejected by voters not long ago.

My Weekly Calendar

Earlier this year we got a request for my forward looking calendar. Rather than have staff waste their time on public record requests, I’m just going to start publishing screen shots. Keep in mind, my schedule isn’t static. Things will get added, deleted, changed, etc. There are conflicts that I have to pick between. But if people want to see where I’m at and who I meet with, that’s fine by me.