Men, Get On Board With Misandry
Jess Zimmerman

I love misandrist woman, too. I cant explain why.

I have grown up with a lot of girls and with families where usually the women where the leading one. I mostly had female friends when I was a child, and even later I have been around female groups mostly. And honestly, I dont know any friend where the father is the dominant one in the family haha. Maybe all of these had an impact on me.

As you said, I somehow got to have patriachy and how men act. Its not that I hate individual men, but men as a group somehow. thats why I always enjoyed misandry jokes ;)

I still remember a school trip about 13 years ago. I have been with a group of girls playing a game where everyone add words to a sentence without knowing where its going to lead. One girls sentences always ended in mass castration, and I laughed so much ;)