The Promotion: Climb the Corporate Ladder, Musically


The Promotion is an audiovisual interactive experience that lets the user climb the corporate ladder in a 9-to-5 engineering role.

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Menu screen

You begin as a Software Engineer I and climb your way up all the way to CEO. At each stage in your career, you are required to move furniture around in a room to affect the way an instrument sounds. Doing so results in your promotion. Now, you don’t know how you ended up in this room full of furniture and plants, but you are simply required to move things for two functions: to affect the sound and to get promoted.

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Moving furniture in a room to affect the sounds

I realized that while creating this experience, it was incredibly pleasurable simply to move furniture around. The act of moving furniture was an end-in-itself. As a result, I added a “heavenly level” as an ode to this class, Music 256A. Some things are great to do simply because they are great to do. And in the heavenly level, you get to move furniture without worrying about getting promoted or affecting the sound. It’s freedom and play.

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Heavenly furniture

Ultimately, I think what helps pass the time at these jobs is to love what you’re doing. If your 9-to-5 is more than just a means to an end but an end-in-itself, you can enjoy moving furniture around while making some music in a room.

Video Demo





Use W-A-S-D to move, and mouse click to pick up and select objects. Space to jump where applicable and enter to quit the heaven furniture mode.


Thank you Ge and Vidya for a phenomenal quarter.

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Sigma Chi, Sports, and Beer. College.

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