Why I Wrote ‘Jimmy For The City’

In a world marred by political spectacles, scrappy and insensitive fighting, and a 2016 Presidential arena that more closely resembles a circus than a campaign, it’s important to remind America, and the younger generation of up-and-coming voters, of what truly contributes to policy development and community sustainment in our country. America was built on the foundation of public service. Our country, a fusion of federalism and republican democracy, was created to spur and encourage everyday Americans to stand up and participate in the political process.

Jimmy For The City was written to bring that sense of localized participation and community involvement back into the lives of American citizens. After spending my youth volunteering through various community organizations, with my church, and with collegial groups, I became incredibly passionate about public service and the values it offers every child. Our world of instant gratification has moved away from selflessness, and I found volunteering to be the most rewarding activity I ever did growing up.

After landing an internship at The White House (with inspiring fellow interns sure to run the world one day), and meeting the President himself, I felt even more called to champion public service and give it the exposure and media attention it truly deserves. Together, we can all make a difference in the direction of our country. Change starts at the local level, and builds its way on up to the Oval Office. Public service is what built our country into the world’s shining beacon it is today. More parents, schools, and communities need to make an effort to return education and extra-curricular activities to the public service mindset.

Jimmy For The City explains how a 14-year-old can make a huge difference through public service and political involvement at the local level. Anyone can do what Jimmy did. All it takes is determination, a passion for service, and the bravery to stand up against the doubters.

That is exactly why I wrote Jimmy For The City.

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