Despite his protestations, Owen Jones has taken sides.
Kate Buffery

This is a wonderful contribution to the debate. Owen Jones knows this leadership election is about picking sides. If Owen lacks the honesty to admit he’s voting for Smith, it’s obvious who he’s voting for. He responded to an avalanche of hostility from the left by insisting he’s only asking questions, and would be delighted if his anxieties were laid to rest by Corbyn supporters. However, it’s clear that he’s not listening to us. He insists criticism of him is unfair. He insists he’s not moved to the right, but nobody believes him. If that was true, why do the Tory and Blairites ‘journalists’ thank him, retweet him, praise him, insisting this intervention from a left-winger may have robbed Jeremy Corbyn of enough votes to let the Anyone-But-Corbyn bank manager on steroids win the leadership?

Owen made a film that said “the enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other.” But every socialist in Labour is uniting against the Chicken Coup, all of whom are cheerleaders for capitalism, many attacking strikers on a regular basis. 93% of the CLPs outside London back Corbyn. And they’re outraged that 172 clowns intend to overthrow the leader they KNOW the overwhelming majority of members want.

Owen Smith is personally blaming Jeremy Corbyn for his leading supporters preparing to form a breakaway party if Corbyn wins the vote again, and everyone knows he will win. Why is Owen Jones attaching himself to such a disreputable campaign?

Poor opinion polls are the price Labour is paying for having MPs who crawl onto the BBC, SKY, Channel4 News every single day to attack their own democratically-elected leader and all of his policies. Voters are expressing their justifiable contempt for a party that allows this to happen. It’s amazing that Labour’s polls aren’t even worse when it’s MPs are behave like this. It’s not Jeremy Corbyn who’s unelectable@ it’s 172 MPs.

When Corbyn wins again, the MPs will be faced with their own votes of no-confidence. And the CLP votes bode ill for them all. Last but by no means least, in any snap election, MPs unwilling to accept the democratically-elected leader won’t be eligible to stand as the official Labour candidate. Jeremy Corbyn, freed from this albatross around his neck, can go on to win any snap election with a landslide victory. If Owen Jones can’t see that, that’s his problem, not ours.

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