We’re talking about ideas Tom so contributions don’t depend on who I am, where I am or what I…
dr jerry pepin

We are talking about ideas.. I want to know whose ideas I am dealing with. Is Dr Jerry Pepin your real name? If not, why are you misrepresenting yourself? The fact you seem frightened of enlightening me as to what your alternative proposals are, which would allow me to do some research and discover if you do or do not have a track record of inconsistancy… that is worrying. If you can’t join Labour because you don’t live in Britain, then I have better things to do with my time than persuading you to do the impossible. Your contribution was weak and I could take it apart very easily. But I want to know who you are before deciding on whether I should spend time trying to talk you round. If you prefer to hide your affiliations, which seems to be the case, then I must suspect you are not serious.

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