A short review of Oneill’s Traveler Board Shorts

I am pretty excited for my trip to Thailand and Southeast Asia, and being April, it’s going to be pretty hot. A new pair of board shorts is just what I needed. It didn’t take long to find that O’Neill had a pair that were geared towards traveling. http://us.oneill.com/shop/traveler-cargo-hybrid-shorts-sp618a013/

Here’s the item description:

Whether you're scaling seaside cliffs or diving in to the waters below, the O'Neill Traveler Cargo hybrids will keep you ready wherever your path takes you.

  • 21” Outseam
  • Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Hyperblock antimicrobial stretch gusset
  • Zipper fly and internal waistband drawcord
  • Internal key pocket
  • Hidden passport pocket
  • Side cell phone pocket
  • Flashlight carabiner attached to belt loop
  • Back packable stow pocket

All these are pretty cool features, and having lots of pocket options when traveling is great. Being a cell phone guy, I was excited about the dedicated pocket for that. Well, upon getting the shorts I found that the cell phone pocket wasn’t capable of holding nearly anything that is currently on the market.

I can only fit my 3 fingers in this pocket, and the tips of them are hitting the stitching. I can’t fit them in any further.

Nexus 5X with Official Case:

Naked Note 5:

When I emailed Oneill’s support thinking that the stitching must be wrong, and too shallow, this was the reply that I received:

Hello Derek,

It is true, unfortunately our mobile devices have grown larger and larger than the pocket can hold, for which we do apologize. The pocket I'm afraid, is indeed that shallow, though we are making adjustments for our future seasons to accommodate larger cell phones. I do apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Thank you
O’Neill Clothng

So at least they have acknowledged that it’s a pretty useless feature at this point. Keep in mind, that I was able to fit an iPhone 6 is that pocket. However, only a naked iPhone. Any case on the iPhone, and the device would not fit in the pocket. These are board shorts, and will probably be getting wet, so having a case on your cell phone would be smart. This got me thinking..what cell phone did they test this pocket with? Was it 1 iPhone and they said, “Yup! We’re good to go!” C’mon man!!

Oh, and the flashlight that came with it doesn’t work either. Support dude said he can’t replace it, because it comes attached to the shorts, but he’ll “reach out to the warehouse” to see if there are any extras. Mmm hmm.. Maybe offer me some sort of discount or something??