Louisville Coffee Shops- Top 5

Quills Coffee Shop (photo credit: quillscoffee.com)

1.) Safai Coffee Shop

Website? safaicoffee.com

Location? 1707 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

What’s good besides the coffee?: They have handmade crepes that compliment their coffee perfectly. Safai is awesome because of the relationships that they have with their coffee farmers. Small family farms abroad often lose business to large US importers, but Safai goes the extra mile to build relationship before they source. It’s all about the microlot experience.

Atmosphere: A variety of seating. Couch and kid friendly section, booth and table section, conference room in the front for business meet-ups, bar section with hip barstools.

What I tried: Cappuccino and cold brew.

2.) Sunergos Coffee

Website? sunergoscoffee.com

Location? 2122 South Preston St
Louisville, KY 40217

306 West Woodlawn Ave
Louisville, KY 40214

231 South 5th St
Louisville, KY 40202

What’s good besides the coffee?: Tasty paninis and lots of supplies for your home coffee needs!

Atmosphere: The interior design at the two Sunergos shops I went to was glorious! They are decked out with mid-century modern furniture that will remind you of your grandmothers house. Really fun vibes and original aesthetic.

What I tried: Colombian drip. Tasty flavor for a regular cup of joe.

3.) Please & Thank You

Website? pleaseandthankyoulouisville.com



What’s good besides the coffee?: This place prides themselves on having the best chocolate chip cookies in town. Also, they sell records. I mean, what goes better with coffee than some tunes?

Atmosphere: Super clean, neat, classic front with additional seating and records for sale in the back.

What I tried: Thai Iced coffee

4.) Quills Coffee

Website? quillscoffee.com

Location? 930 Baxter Ave Louisville, KY 40204, USA

What’s good besides the coffee?: Quills got my top vote in the graphic design department. They had magnificent merchandise (such as their red canteen mug) that I was highly tempted to purchase.

Atmosphere: Edison lightbulbs, sleek wood tables, marble counters. Nice seating. Not a lot of food options, mainly coffee.

What I tried: Americano

5.) Day’s Espresso & Coffee

Website? dayscoffee.com

Location? 1420 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204

What’s good besides the coffee?: Good size panini menu.

Atmosphere: This coffee shop was a wonderful work atmosphere. I got so much work down. They have two sections to their shop and cool custom cut tabletops in the second room in the window. Lots of booth seating which, always a plus.

What I tried: Espresso and dark blend drip coffee.