Stop Distracting Yourself.
Palak Vani

Distraction is necessary when your career is the source of that anxiety. Operational stress compounds itself over and over again. Leaving us in potential anxiety or panic moments frequently and desperately seeking distraction because we know we’re going to add to that stress again tomorrow, the day after and so on. That’s the nature of our job. Facing anxiety forces us to confront the issue, potentially making us unable to perform tomorrow if we stay there too long.

First Responders (Police, Fire, Paramedics) or members of Emergency Departments in hospitals face this daily. There’s always going to be death, violence, tragedies and heart wrenching moments. If we gave ourselves permission to confront our anxious or panic triggers during every crisis. We wouldn’t be able to function. Distraction is a necessary coping mechanism. Yes, it is exhausting, but, it sure beats revisiting the source of panic or anxiety attack.

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