You’re quite right, of course. I’m just hoping against hope. ;-)
Richard Kenneth Eng

For now! We are stuck with glitchy twitchy skitchy loading sites. I’m finding its mostly React / Flux / Redux projects. Or mostly anything with ‘Real Time’ updates. I guess by real time…… they mean you also get to watch the cogs in the wheel break live for your frustrated entertainment.

Richard, let me ask you this. The biggest problem web is trying to solve is not having to refresh or redraw an entire page for small portions of updates. Such as notifications or updated badges etc. React and Angular 2 are very good for this. Terrible to implement development. What suggestion would you have for those who need live performance without using JavaScript?

The major reason this dilemma has surfaced is because of mobile data. Trying not to swap out data unnecessarily. What would you suggest? Does anyone really know how much data is being saved by implementing these crazy frameworks for realtime updates on web based sites?

My preference is server side using procedural or object oriented PHP and I often find the speed is well more than sufficient for 90% of my projects. Even for real time functionality.

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