Changing the Game
Melani Flanagan

I have to say, as a Canadian web developer, although I’m a little saltier hanging off the end down here in Nova Scotia, more water, more beer right?

It’s not often that I get to read start up life from a Canadian perspective. This was so perfectly Canadian with east coast flare. I finally realized why I have trouble reading the Silicon Valley stories, it’s because Canadian business mindset and its communication to world is what I relate to. Tech culture is here, but hasn’t really changed us culturally. Especially here on the slow coast. I know that’s getting bigger.

Oh…. how I would love to drown out in a few beers (while NOT spending $80 on a game) reading more East Coast Canadian tech business to gain my epiphany. I’m trying to build up a small pocket of developers, the global market is so easily attainable with the right model. I would love to see a larger tech conference and technology cultural lifestyle adopted here to make these connections easily attainable.

Hopefully I’ll get to read more of your musings and look forward to the game changer!

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