I’m really sorry for your bad experiences, but this is really offensive.
Cathy S

I think a large part of the masculine population grappling at today’s world, are the men in 40+ age bracket who largely started off in what used to be defined as the traditionalist life. Male children of the baby boomers. Myself at 41, far more flexible in thought and openness to the change that is here. I’m still struggling because I grew up with the family values of the male foundational strength in the family. That wasn’t wrong for the era. I had to toss that notion rather fast.

I’m surprised that someone so involved in science and physics can’t respect the massive shift in male evolution since as early as the 80's. 36 years have rewritten our role in society when for 10,000 years before, male has usually held dominant societal role. The U.S. government has a real chance of seeing its first female president. That wouldn’t have even been a thought in the 1960's, it would have been laughable in the 80's even though Margaret Thatcher held a high political office as Prime Minister.

Men are far from perfect. I think we’re evolving pretty quick in comparison to our lengthy ancestral nature as hunters, protectors and providers. Like everything else in our world, it’s going to take time to get there. I’m ball parking a few more generations after mine has taken its last breath. Although that may happen faster, my age range is dropping off rather rapidly to higher than normal suicide rates. No one wants to talk about that. That's just morbid!

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