I think my contempt comes from playing it on pc.

I think that is the biggest part of the problem. Digital publishers are jammed into a corner of trying to publish a product across too many platforms. Of course they do it for profit, they also don’t want to leave anyone out of the enjoyment. They attempt to level the playing field too much.

I think, we, as consumers should start telling publishers that it’s ok if you offer better graphics and additional content to certain platforms that can run it. As a consumer we then have a choice to still enjoy the console version at reduced price, or upgrade to a more powerful system to enjoy additional benefits. I’m sure most of us would be ok to see a price gap between platforms to reflected this. PC Gamers are far more likely to purchase all the additional download content and support online service fees that enhance their gaming experience.This would offset the reduction in price to console version of a game.

The automotive industry has been doing this for decades. Those who can afford a certain vehicle can do so with less investment, obvious reduction in engine power and luxury options. Those who can invest more get additional enjoyment and comfort from their purchase. At the end of day, the same make and model of vehicle drive off the lot.