That’s a good reason???
Richard Kenneth Eng

JavaScript is not perfect, nor is any language made by human intervention. All languages have gotchas. To outright negatively pounce on PHP (PHP is bouncing back considerably right now) and JavaScript as non contenders for serious software is irresponsible. Especially to newcomers. Your alternatives are limited in scope. JavaScript offers diversity in its implementation on client or server side. Yeah it has growing pains. Tell me a language that hasn’t had that issue.

It’ll take time to catch up to its newer server side capabilities. Coupled with its front end. It makes for a very awesome development experience. For years I have been programming PHP, moving to NodeJS has made authoring code a more consistent experience. You’re going to see better improvements and maturity as JavaScript grows into its new life. Developers will also become better at wielding the language with much more consistent code because they’re not jumping from Ruby, PHP, Java etc to produce some client side code.

That’s been JavaScripts problem for years. It’s usage limited to client only and in sparse amount. You keep wielding ‘serious software’ engineering. I guess that makes you a real programmer and the rest of us just hacks.

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