Regarding the:
Nelson Abalos Jr

Obviously you didn’t read through on the post clearly. There is a right time for a point and click deployed site and a need for a custom option. The poster is discussing custom projects. Given that you’re a representative of Webflow with an obvious click bait ploy, your response shows a lack of respect to web developers with your cheeky ‘Webflow’ is easy remark. You’ve just thrown all of your talented developers and designers under the bus. You know…. the people who made your project viable in the first place? Those templates didn’t make themselves.

Serious brands who invest in their marketing show really well online when they invest in custom projects, as opposed to opting for another simplified cookie cutter site that doesn’t differentiate their brand from any other using the same template.

Investing cheaply shows very clear with web design. This is why the web pretty much looks the same from one site to the next.

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