I quite agree with you: JS’s intended problem domain is indeed the web.
Richard Kenneth Eng

PHP 7 is very much performant and combined with the Laravel and Symfony communities PHP is really nice to work with. Laravel has really changed the security issues and modular design of PHP code management utilizing Namespacing very well. Whereas JS does not have a dominant framework to influence coding and scale standard like Rails has Ruby, Grails has Java. Django has Python etc…

There are some hopefuls in the JS community, I sure hope ReactJS isn’t the front runner because it is not a nice influence to work with in my opinion. With so many frameworks fighting to the top, coding standards are the fatigue issue that is giving JS its worst reputation. Once a Ruby on Rails level of standard rises to the top in JS you’re going to find a lot of glitchy sloppy product. That is a developer and best practice problem.

An example. AngularJS 1.2+ follows a really nice coding pattern that scales well. People balked at it because it was too hard or confusing. I found it easy coming from Rails and Laravel. However, anyone coming from jQuery and early JS days had their brains shredded by the modular complexity. Then came the component frameworks (Angular 2, React, Vue, RiotJS) which I find are ridiculously anti pattern to good logical maintainable code and also requiring additional code patterns of additional libraries like Redux and rxJS. Which look like completely different languages by comparison. I refuse to work with any team implementing those framework, but, will gladly work on any Angular 1, Express or Ember project.

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