Things I Learned Learning to Program

Two things that I have noticed in the online learning path.

One: They show you how to build apps without explaining the decisions that went into designing the code. Code just magically appears without good explanation into the creative choices that went into composing the right lines of code to achieve desired result. In fact, there aren’t really any good courses for application planning period.

Two: Inconsistent practices. Since React is all the rage. I have spent some time attempting to learn it. So far I have seen ES2015, TypeScript, ES6 variations of tutorials. All of them preaching different coding practice that ultimately leads one to be more confused. Ultimately hating React altogether.

Lastly, in support on problem number one. There are huge differences between language basics and actual production ready code. What’s missing is the middle part of programming. The creative aspect. The person who develops a program that teaches people how to translate the basics into usable programming that doesn’t use Foo Bar or make Cats Meow and Dogs bark, will be very rich.