Listen, all I’m doing is giving everyone the benefit of my experience in IT.
Richard Kenneth Eng

Your IT experience is great. Then you should also understand that in your civic responsibility, that people will look up to you for guidance. I’m sorry but your rants on JavaScript are not productive and grossly unfair to the community when you aren’t relating the programming language to its proper intended use.

You’re beating a dead horse. We obviously can’t put PHP, Ruby, Java in the browser without it being compiled and interpreted in some way. JavaScript is the only language next to markup languages HTML and CSS that is browser ready. With JavaScript now running on both sides of the browser. More consistent development patterns will evolve. I’ve already seen leaps and bound changes evolve in the last 4 years. On the PHP side, the Laravel community has drastically improved PHP’s behaviour in the wild, that I enjoy PHP programming again in its opinionated Object Oriented format.

You need to differentiate between web application and actual compiled software. There is a huge performance difference between them. This is where I will find agreement with you. Where developers are using JavaScript and Electron to produce desktop applications. This is not the best use case for JavaScript and its capabilities. It’s strengths are in the browser and now as a server and that’s where it should stay. However, how does a language grow if you don’t push its limits?

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