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This is really great data and case study John! The most surprising thing is SummitSync out performed all of Cannes official vertically integrated branded apps that they pushed throughout all their channels with paid and earned media. That’s a huge accomplishment for you and the SummitSync team!

However, looking at this year’s data it seems that SummitSync saw a considerable drop in installs not only at Cannes but globally. I imagine you’ve scaled your growth team since last year’s event and dialed in more efficient acquisition strategies. Were you not able to retain and activate* last year’s install base?

Can you paint a better picture on why SummitSync only saw 196* total installs globally over the last 30 days and 19* geo-targeted event specific installs within France at Cannes vs the 8,400 event specific installs last year per the infographic? From the looks of it, SummitSync doubled down on Cannes again this year but didn’t see the same traction or results. Any insight on trends in the industry or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  • Data was pulled via Apptopia’s paid plan.