Can we get more than a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when it comes to firearm deaths?

Whenever there’s a mass shooting in America, my mind races. I usually start thinking about a project I did in 7th grade. The 7th grade “Debate” holds a special place in Hillel Day School lore. Students are assigned to defend a side of a popular issue in the United States. My issue was gun control; I argued against it.

I think I did a pretty good job (I got a 94% — yes I remember), but that was the first and only time I ever have and ever will argue against gun control.

We can blame last night’s shooting in Orlando on radical Islam (I disagree with the phrasing), LGBTQ-hatred, or mental health problems, but I simply can’t tolerate the belief that motive is mutually exclusive from access to firearms (especially ones with the killing capacity of AR-15s).

I don’t need to run through the stats, here. A lot of people die every day from guns. Way too many. They come in many forms: suicides, homicides, mass shootings. And whenever we say something has to be done, the best we get from our lawmakers is a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

Jake Tapper asked Marco Rubio this morning something like, “How do you explain events like shooting to your kids?”

Rubio responds saying something along the lines of, “I tell them there’s a group of people who teach their children that it’s OK to kill people in the name of your religion.”

But in a way, isn’t that what’s happening in the United States? We are teaching generation after generation that it’s OK people die in the name of ideology (the 2nd amendment)?

Of course we need better mental health resources. Of course we need to stop the notion that killing people we disagree with is an acceptable behavior. But we also have to stop ignoring the fact that guns exacerbate these issues.

I’m sick of 27 words getting in the way of doing what’s right.

Will anything happen this time? Or will President Obama just make another speech with no action to follow?

I’m tired of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.