Three (HUGE) Reasons Homemade Kefir is Superior to Store-Bought

Derek Westra
Jun 20 · 3 min read

I watch a lot of courtroom dramas. Suits, The Good Wife, Law and Order, etc. so, not to brag, but I know a thing or two about how to present my case. :) Today, I’m making a case for homemade kefir over the store-bought stuff.

Today, My Kitchen is My Courtroom :)

As an introduction for you in the jury who may not know what kefir is — kefir is a living bacteria that is used to ferment beverages (milk or water), with super probiotics. Drinking fermented kefir results in healthy gut flora, and a strengthened immune system. It’s pretty awesome.

Now, kefir is the latest health-food fad (even though it’s literally been around for thousands of years). You’ll see kefir drinks in your local grocery store next to the Kombucha (a fermented tea), and other superfoods. Many people who buy kefir, are hooked because of what it does for their digestion and immune system — and are shocked at the price of a bottle a day. And lots of these same people don’t yet know how easy, better for you, and less -expensive it is to make at home. So here we go: Three reasons why homemade kefir is superior to the store-bought stuff:

Reason Number 1: COST

Numbers don’t lie folks. It’s true that buying a bottle everyday has no upfront costs while it does take about $50 to get started making your own kefir — but after that, you are saving $1,389 per year making it yourself!

This doesn’t even take into account the environmental cost of all those bottles! Homemade kefir literally reuses the same ingredients (kefir grains) and equipment over and over again for years.

Reason Number 2: HEALTH

This one isn’t even fair. Real kefir that you make at home is exponentially healthier than the stuff you buy at the store. The bottles you purchase are loaded with carbonated water (just like soda) to create the sensation of natural, fermented carbonation, and they are even flavored with apple-cider vinegar to create a fermented flavor. They do contain kefir culture, but a fraction of what homemade batches contain.

Reason Number 3: TASTE

This one is subjective, but being an analytical guy — I’ve actually administered a blind taste test with many people (including my own young kids), and all of them have preferred the natural flavor of homemade kefir to the manufactured flavor of the bottled, store-bought stuff.

There you have it — the jury has reached a verdict and they side with the thousands of years-old defense of the natural kefir fermentation process. Another case for the good guys. :)

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