Super Bowl Ads

For the first time, Nintendo has joined the Superbowl advertisement scene to introduce their new system, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch from Nintendo combines the mobility of handheld with the power of home gaming system to enable new video game styles.

The advertisement doesn’t necessarily follow a story line, rather the intent was to communicate as many people coming together to enjoy the new system as they could. The video follows closely and creatively with the song choice in the advertisement and creates a sense of a climax in different places which is usually the visuals of an action scene in one of the video games.

If by following the sound of the music, the rising action would be the people trying out the different games and modes that the system has to offer. It continues to pick up and showcase all of the different games and attributes through the playing of the actors. By the end of the video you have general knowledge on what the new system can do and the games you can expect.

The advertisements can be watched here:

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