I stopped reading news, like, ten years ago.
Simon Vart

One thing I’ve come to realize about Western societies (not sure where you’re located) is that, contrary to what we are often taught, the people are but one of the players within a system of checks and balances, and each player has its strengths and weaknesses.

The people are of course — in theory at least—the essential base of all decision making, but their weakness is that they are easily fragmented, disorganized and they are often uninformed. And most of all they are prone to disenfranchisement and the belief that a single vote doesn’t count.

In a world where the average person seems to be wielding ever less power, I think we have a strong obligation to vote. The alternative is that the other payers in the system (who do in fact always vote) will run off with an ever increasing piece of the pie.

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