School vs. Learning

Everyone has had those moments in school when your working on a project and for whatever reason you have to wrap it up. In my case it usually is because I have to submit the project for a grade. While in school I’ve had a lot of trouble with this. The reason we’re in school is to learn, right? Well I have found myself often wanting to spend more time in areas of interest or areas where I should advance my understanding. Occasionally, I have been able to convince my instructors to give me more time in specific areas of a project.

This last spring I was able to get an extension on a class project. My partner and I had wanted to do a large installation in the gallery of our school. We knew that in order to do it right we would need to have an open schedule. So we worked with our instructor to extend the timeline. He was apprehensive at first, but eventually agreed to give us more time. He only asked for a strong proof of concept before the semester was over.

With the extra time we able to produce some of our best work. Not only were we able to plan but, we also were able to exicute and be precise. To me this was actually the most valuable learning experience. I think often learning is held back by a tangible diliverable. Turning in a project and getting a good grade doesn’t translate to understanding and I think especially in design it means that you went with your first assumption.

Here is the project I completed last spring
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