Here’s a look at stats, pros, and cons if you’re considering becoming a freelance web developer in 2021

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A publication focused on helping you succeed with your remote freelancing

Hello freelancers,

Welcome to the Freelancer’s Handbook publication on Medium. This is a publication focused on helping you succeed with your remote freelancing.

Freelancer’s Handbook Submission Guidelines

There are a few guidelines to follow before submitting your story to Freelancer’s Handbook.

  1. Follow Medium’s formatting — you can read more here on formatting.
  2. Do your research — Make sure that your linking out to reputable sources throughout your articles if you’re submitting an…

Please stop doing these things while working remotely

1) You’re using a low-quality microphone

In a study at the University of Southern California, people rated a physicist’s talk as 19.3% better when they listened to it in high (vs low) audio quality. They also thought he was smarter and liked him more.

These resources will help you level up your freelance web development game

Top 7 Educational Resources For Freelance Web Developers

1) The Complete Freelancing Bundle

This is a course bundle of various resources by Kyle Prinsloo. …

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Top 10 Invoice Templates For Freelancers

Why do I need an invoice?

It’s possible you’ve already been…

Top 10 Places To Find Remote WordPress Freelance Jobs

1) Codeable

The best React.js courses, job boards, interview resources, templates, books, and libraries all in one place.

DSR —Derick Sozo Ruiz

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