Midterm presentation

Brief: Team Lunch

Project Goals
• Provide seamless way for the companies to organize team lunches
• Allow team members to specify their restaurant preference, and come to an agreement on where to eat
• Provide timely reminders for the team and organizers about lunch orders
• Simplify life for the team
• Enable users to view options for where to eat, the food offered, specials, etc
• Remind users about important events associated with the product (e.g. when the order has to be placed, when the team has to make a decision, etc.)

Competitive Analysis



Served by Stadium

Platform choice

Mobile (iOS)


The time-conscious team member

  • Plans what to eat for lunch ahead of time
  • Time-conscious
  • Likely to eat fast food or a simple meal
  • Specifies portion
  • Aware of the details

Customer with diet restrictions

  • Have health concerns, such as allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Conscious of nutrition value
  • Requires the building of trusts with the food provider
  • Highly aware of the details, as they’re more likely to be cautious of ingredients that might trigger negative reactions

The team organizer

  • In charge of placing the order for the team
  • Makes order on a regular basis
  • Most likely to sign up for an account
  • Keep track of details
  • Requires effortless payment

Research and findings

User flow

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